What People Are Saying

“I am so inspired and fired up this morning by The Positivity Guru that I have to get on the soapbox for a minute, so please indulge me.  At the intersection where your gifts, talents and abilities meet a human need, therein you will discover your purpose… but we don’t have to take the journey alone.  Few people have the privilege of having such a supportive and giving network.  The Positivity Guru and The Positivity Tribe are just that.  We are beyond lucky and I would even say fortunate to have each other in the journey that composes life.  Thank you for being there for me (and the Tribe) every day!! – James Edmonds

“What an incredible speaker!  This guy is the real deal who will help you think on a higher level!” – Chris Albright

“Thank you so much for a great motivational event!  I truly enjoyed the entire thing and will be trying to get to work on some things professionally and personally!” – Carmine Pantano

“Kevin, wow!!  You did an amazing job yesterday and I’m so grateful you were able to be our keynote speaker.  I saw the kids seeking you out after the morning session and I think that says it all.  You touched lives yesterday and I would venture to say that you actually changed some lives as well.  It’s such an impactful thing to do for these young kids.  Thank you for everything you did to make the day a success.  Let’s stay in touch!” – Dianne Moore

“Kevin, thank you!  You hold something rare and precious in your spirit.  Please know that you are driven because you are chosen.  Your presentation was absolutely invigorating today.  And your wife is as driven and as blessed as you.  So happy to have met you both!” – Liza Pritchard Naylor

“The most amazing inspirational person I’ve met.  I love getting my day started with Kevin’s quotes.  Nothing like starting out the day in a positive mindset.  Thanks Kevin for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and insight to a positive way of life.” – Tina Hagarman-Ness

“Inspirational words.  His positivity is contagious!” –  Doreen Rivera

As we serve we bless, and without looking for it are blessed in return.  Love what you are doing Kevin.  Thanks for reminding me even on the most difficult days to keep smiling, keep speaking, keep doing.” – Jill Porter

“It was an honor to have Kevin as part of our class at YCP.  His powerful message was both engaging and insightful.” – Myra Scurfield Toms

You are brilliant Kevin.  This is a true calling to you, we can tell.” – Erica Jury

“You surely are The Positivity Guru!  Thank you so much for the excellent message!  The teacher closest to me kept repeating:  This guy is FANTASTIC! I know that was how everyone felt!  Thank you so much for making time to meet with our students and share your invaluable lesson!  We have a lot to learn from you.  What’s next?” – Jan Martin

“Mr. Kevin Jackson is truly The Positivity Guru!  He speaks words of authenticity and power, strength and value.  He has truly changed my life.  His passion for helping others is genuine and from the heart.” – Timmon Smith

I love what you, and the energy in your message, does for myself and others. You’re helping to change the face and the attitudes that surround negativity!  Your messages have often challenged me to rethink and adjust my attitude by taking the road less traveled…the high road” – Noreen Bean

“You are such a positive inspiration for our community!!” – Nicole Wilt Shaffer

“Thank you for coming out and speaking at our all staff meeting!  You were a breath of fresh air and definitely made an impact!!” – Lisa Long-Etzler

“You are innovation personified” – Lois Ribner

“Your keynote address tonight was absolutely fantastic!” – Daniel Barker

“Thank you for your presentation!  I think sometimes people forget just how much being positive and having an open mind can really change their life.  Thank you again, it was a fun time!” – Teddi Price

“You surely give hope and encouragement to all through your words and actions.  Kudos!!” – Susan Culbertson Kerchner

“Education without application is useless.  Great stuff on change management at WellSpan yesterday!” – Nate Rapsey

If every company/ organization/ business would embrace and invest in some of your training…..we would all profit, Kevin.  We could all use more understanding and implementation of customer service.
How we treat people IS our bottom line for prosperity and health and when we are healthy and prosper…EVERYBODY WINS!!  Blessings and ease…on your journey!” – Iris Ferber